What Size Mens Watch Should I Get for My Wrist

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Just like mens watches come in various sizes, so does the size of the wrist vary from one person to another. And it is this variation of sizes that often makes it difficult to choose the right sized watch for one’s hand. If you are one of those men who gets confused every time they visit a shop to buy mens watches and end up worrying “what size will be right for my wrist”; then; this article is sure to help you out with your dilemma in buying a watch. Therefore, here are few factors, considering which can help you out in getting yourself the right sized watch easily.

The Diameter of a Watch Case

First and foremost, you need to know the size of your wrist. Once you know that, next will be choosing mens watches with the right case diameters. For example, suppose your wrist size is somewhere between 6 or 6 and a half inch; so the ideal diameter should be somewhere between 38 mm to 42 mm; unless you prefer wearing something big compared to your wrist size. Watch cases with a diameter of 46 mm or 50mm tend to be large and may not be an ideal wear for those with a wrist size below 7 inches.

The Thickness of a Watch Case

Next, comes the thickness of the watch case that is often correlated with its diameter. Nowadays, thicker watch cases are considered to be more stylish and trendy. Watches that now come with almost 45 or 46 diameters, tend to sport around 10 mm or 9 mm thick case. Know your style and what you want and choose the thickness accordingly, as it’ll have an effect on increasing or decreasing the diameter as well.

The Type of the Watch Band

The perfect fitting of a watch depends on the material or type of watch band you’re opting for. While a leather band tends to set tightly on your wrist and offers a classy look; mens watches with metal bands are meant to provide you with a loose yet stylish fit. Therefore, know the look that you wish to see yourself in and then choose the watch band accordingly.

The Band Width of a Watch

The bandwidth is also related to the diameter of a watch. For example, a watch with a case diameter of 40 mm, generally comes with a 20 mm wide band. The bigger the diameter of the watch case will be the, greater will get the width of its band. Though, depending on the band material its width may vary; but usually, it’s the lug width of a watch based on its diameter that determines the width of its band. Therefore, make sure the wide look of the band that you choose looks great on your wrist along with the case diameter.


Wearing a watch is meant to complement your appearance and style. A wrong sized watch can not only make you feel uncomfortable but also damage your look. Therefore, no matter what type of mens watches you opt to buy, make sure that you consider the above-mentioned factors carefully to prevent yourself buying an ill fitted watch.

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